Our Process

A client will be greeted on arrival and then be taken into the Treatment Room where they will be invited to make themselves comfortable in the treatment chair. Refreshments will be available.

Initial Consultation

The client will be asked why they have come and what they know about Hypnotherapy. If required more detailed information will be given. The client will be asked to give details of why they would like DTF Hypnotherapy and what expectations and goals they expect from their treatment. The client will be given a short test to see how easily they can be hypnotised. This will determine the type of induction required for further treatment. The first 15 minutes of the Initial Consultation is FREE, then a charge will be made. Finally the First Appointment fee and session times will be discussed and if the client wishes to take up the treatment offered, an appointment will be made.

The First Appointment

The first appointment involves gathering information in order to establish a case history. Next the type of therapy and treatment plan is discussed. The client then proceeds into their first session. Once this first session is complete the client will discuss, over refreshment, how they feel. If required the next session will be planned and booked.


Please contact David direct. Bookings of block sessions are available if required at a slightly reduced rate. Sessions normally last for an hour.

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