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Welcome to DTF Hypnotherapy

If there is any aspect of your life that you are not happy with, or a phobia that you feel is starting to take over your life, DTF Hypnotherapy can help. We provide a friendly and proffesional service within our own therapy room at Daisy Hill, Sacriston. We can also operate out of the following business in Woodstone Village, Durham area.

  • Anthenea Beauty & Tanning Studio
  • More infromation can be found under the partnerships page.

    What is Hypnotherapy?

    Hypnosis is considered to be amongst the oldest medical and therapeutic traditions, and involves healing in a trance state. It is a natural and safe state of mind to be in and although it is often mistaken for sleep state, it is in fact an altered state of mind where the individual is usually fully aware of the experience. Hypnosis allows communication with the subconscious, the unconscious part of the mind, which can help facilitate change.

    Hypnotherapy can help in supporting a wide range of problems, conditions and disorders, as well as being used to alter and change perceptions that can, in turn, bring about lifestyle changes. Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis often benefits the individual's health, well being and life. It can be used in many forms in every day life and can support medical illnesses and conditions.

    Some of the things I will be able to help you with are listed on the treatment page, If you have a problem that is not listed there then please get in touch and I will see if I can help.

    Below are some of the therapies I can offer :

  • Stress/Anxiety Related Problems
  • Weight Control/Eating Disorders
  • Mind Gastric Band
  • Smoking
  • Confidence Building/Individual Enhancement
  • Exam/Driving Test Anxiety